Because there can never be too many JS libraries.


freedom.js Screenshot

freedom.js is a library for making distribute web applications, and for simplifing the process of building platform-agnostic and server independent web applications. It abstracts away the complex web interface to several high-level APIs like storage, social, and data transport.

DriveCode Screenshot

DriveCode is a code editor for Google Drive. Drive does not provide a mechanism for editing plain text or code documents in your browser, and this extension provides a simple codemirror based solution.

Proxxy Screenshot

Proxxy is a minimal proxy toggle for Chrome. It allows for a single click to enable or disable a custom proxy. Great for use with privoxy, or for simulating network disruptions.

setTimeout(); Screenshot

setTimeout(); provides an unobtrusive service to mark pages for later review. Inspired by the setTimeout function in javascript, you can activate the bookmarklet and choose a time duration from the resulting menu to have the page added to your RSS feed at the specified time. A handy tool for when a page is unavailable, sold out, or you don't want to spend time to read through it at that moment.

Tooltips Screenshot

Quimian Tooltips are useful both for site owners and for individuals. For an end user, a "bookmarklet" is provided, allowing tooltips to be added to any page with unfamiliar words. For a site owner, they can easily add the tooltip functionality to their site to automatically provide translation and pronunciation of any Chinese used on the site. The tool provides a basic audio service, with additional features under development.

Recognition Screenshot

Quimian Recognition will provide a convenient alternative entry method for Characters. It will be provided in several formats: A browser extension, a bookmarklet, and a google gadget. The service recognizes drawn characters, allowing for lookup of unknown words, and text entry.